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About this Project

Hello i am Anamika i am the leader of my group that is go green xoomers
i am very fond of nature if any thing i could do then it will be my pleasure
so this is my moto to choose this project
About me

Xoomer No. 1
I wana be refined in every path of the qualities. i love to paint and make creative things pen, pencil, paper, and my brain are my best friends . my best quality is my moon walk a step in break dance it makes me feel good
iam also fond of making friends my friends use to call me laughter packages.
only iam the one who make them laugh
It would be wired if i say i love nature too, becoz in this seem to care about it ,but i and my team members do through our project we will spread see this photo

dont u want to spread the awareness about what our forest and how essential they are !!!!!!!!!
Growing threads of nature has made man shockl a bit, but the consequences seems to be still unknown . i know you would be thinking that being so small .
i talk too heavy things men you seems to be very right because we are the only one for tommorow , if we have information then only we can make a differences including me & my team members we want u to come across of an imaginary situation of what we are trying to explain ,our research would show you the facts ,
the important things , and the diffrences in past decades our indians national forest managemant has research that our land is very much precious but by only telling this to your self again & again can make a difference .. wake up guys wake up………………..

Xommer No .2
Hello guys i am Shilpi Arora one the xoomer from our team go green who wants u to join the hands with our team members as by planting more & more trees in india and make it beautiful coz from our busy life we are not able to take out time for our national wealth, which includes tiger , forest,
elephants and other animals without their support our ecosystem will damaged .we also know that we directly or indirectly depend on our national wealth that is forest and animals in this this world everyone want to be rich but our world seems to be poor because we are damaging our wealth t love singing because i know that the plants use to grow more faster and happily than. everyone say's that i am sweet ,cute,lovable .
but it seems that no one loves the nature .Pic-A.jpg this picture we can see that after doing this our heritage will look like this image how clean & good environment2587014.jpg

Xommer No.3
Aprajita ….. Like A Normal Person I Also Refresh My Self By Listening To Music
My Hobbies Are Art And I Always Want To Learn , How To Ride A Bike. BUT SOME DAYS EARLIER …I Was Walking On The Road And Realized That The Gases Released By These Automobiles Which Is Also A Lead To The Growth Of GLOBAL WARMING. HA! I Did And Walk Away… The Next Day While Returning From The School I Was Stuck In The Jam See This Photo And Then I Seriously Realized That This Is A Serious Matter And Some One Should Think About It .



Xoomer No.4
Nikhil like a normal person i also go to shopping there i have seen that no work has completed for common wealth games and common wealth games has just started in october from this picture we can see that no work is ready

Xoomer No.5
hellozz..i Ruman Singh one of the member of the site that is go green xoomers which tell us to join hands to save trees which are very precious for our life.I love playing tennis, swimming and most probably doing lots of shopping.My father is tennis coach so my involvement in sports is more.Now a days pollution has increased so much because of automobiles and many other harmful things.As i want to say that we are only the future so,we should save trees by telling every person not to cut them.At last i want to say that "GO GREEN AND SAVE GREEN".